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Is Your Body Asking for Pilates?

Have nagging aches and pains? Feel weak and de-conditioned? Stressed out and drained?

Lindy Irwin teaching a client during a semi private Pilates session in Austin TXMost people don’t know how much better they could feel in their bodies and minds…

At Authentic Pilates of Austin, we believe that within every individual there is vibrant health!

  • You will strengthen deeply from the inside out while equally increasing your flexibility.
  • Your bodily alignment and organization will be restored. You will acquire the great posture you desire.
  • You will be empowered by an invigorating workout that is still gentle on the joints and diminishes aches and pains.
  • Say good-bye to stress. You will feel calm, centered, and rejuvenated. You will have more enthusiasm for life!

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Pilates Services

Lindy Irwin cueing a male client during a private pilates session in Austin TX

Private Session

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Private Session

This session provides the most individualized attention. This session is completely tailored to the individual’s pace and working level.

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fit women stretching during a duet pilates session in a boutique studio

Semi-Private Session

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Semi-Private Session

Have fun and get motivated working out with a partner. Receive personal attention while starting to work more independently.

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group pilates classes in austin

Small Group Classes

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Small Group Classes

Enjoy the energy of a small class workout. The pace will be quicker providing a more nonstop movement experience.

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Experience Authentic Pilates in the Heart of Austin TX

Lindy Irwin classical Pilates teacher

Welcome to our light and airy studio!

I am Lindy Irwin, the owner and certified Pilates instructor at Authentic Pilates Austin. I invite you with warmth and compassion.

Our studio offers a calm, serene environment for you to unwind and focus on you!

I have been teaching for over 15 years, and I am a registered nurse. I have seen hundreds of bodies with a vast array of conditions, injuries, and syndromes from minute to complex. After just a few sessions, clients start feeling better and more like themselves. Any pain they came in with typically diminishes a considerable amount. They start noticing improvement in their everyday life tasks and activities. This is what I love most about my profession and why I feel called to do what I do – helping people reduce pain, move better, get stronger, become empowered, and return to life with joy.

When I am not teaching Pilates, I spend time with my greatest joy in life – my sweet little boy.

Pilates is an integral part of my life and I look forward to helping YOU transform your life through the power of Pilates.

More about Lindy’s Experience

Classical Pilates studio in Austin equipped with Gratz apparatus

Authentic Pilates Training

Complete Pilates Experience – Our studio is a fully equipped traditional Pilates studio including the reformer, mat, tower/pole, chair, barrel, and pedi-pole.

Authentic Classical Pilates Method – During your workout you will be taught the Classical Pilates Method that has proven to be a highly effective movement method for conditioning and healing for well over a century.

Focus on Your Personal Goals – Your workout will be tailored to your individual needs and condition. Any pre-existing conditions or prior injuries will be taken into consideration. It will be invigorating and challenging, as equally as, corrective and restorative.

Pilates will meet your needs and workout level!

No More Pain

After years of marathon running, I developed debilitating back and hip discomfort. Pain sidelined me not only from running but also sitting comfortably and enjoying life. I tried steroid injections, working with multiple physical therapists and all sorts of treatments but it was not until I started weekly sessions with Lindy that I gained any relief.

Over the last four years, I’ve grown into a Pilates addict (better than opioids!) dependent on my weekly sessions. If I skip, my body will complain! Lindy has a unique ability to observe the way I walk into the studio, identify restricted areas and then tailor our session to my needs that day. In addition to physical gains, my work with Lindy has led to personal and emotional growth. My job is very stressful, and after an hour in her presence, I am centered, calm and reset.

~Meghan M.

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Our location is nestled right in between the lively and fun neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Mueller, and Brentwood. We are on the West side of I-35 off Airport and East 50th (just a few doors down from the former Kome Sushi Restaurant that is a now a cute local coffee shop). We love serving the community and down-to-earth neighbors right around us!

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