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The Psoas muscle branches off the spine and traverses deep within the pelvis bilaterally. Come learn how to locate, access, and utilize the Psoas muscle as a supple, elastic link between the lower body, the core, and the upper body for deeper connection, spinal decompression, fuller breathing, and enhanced physiological health. When the Psoas works rigidly versus elastically, it can lead to severe back and hip pain. We will explore how the Psoas works in a multidimensional way as an integrative centering complex partnering the hamstrings, adductors, abdominals, and pelvic floor throughout the Pilates exercises on all apparatus. You will walk away with a clearer and deeper appreciation of the Psoas muscle and its significant role in healthy movement with concrete examples to apply to your teaching and self-practice.


Continuing Education

Pilates instructor performing an advanced exercise on the reformerLindy is a local host advisor for The Pilates Center, Boulder CO, which is one of the oldest and most comprehensive teacher training programs in the Pilates industry. It is considered the gold standard in Pilates instructor education and is often referred to as “the Harvard of Pilates.”

Lindy is dedicated to keeping the integrity and intention of Joseph Pilates’ work alive and thriving. She has been enlightened by her thorough classical instructor education with Amy and Rachel at The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado and feels it is a monumental contributor to her success in helping so many clients. She passionately feels this training program is one of the most comprehensive and intelligent teacher training programs available today.

Lindy loves nurturing, training, and supporting those studying to become an instructor and/or enhance their existing teaching practice with The Pilates Center’s continuing education programs. Learn more about The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO Teacher Training Program

Teacher Mentoring

Pilates mentor teaching a student on the reformerLindy offers Teacher Mentoring Sessions. Within a 90 minute session a movement skills or teaching Skills topic will be introduced for discussion and explored in a movement session tailored to the topic. As an alternative, an instructor is welcome to choose a topic or focus she/he is currently exploring in one’s own teaching practice.

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